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Before the internet, the fax was the most popular way of sending and receiving important communications. Although some consider it to have faded into history, some people and businesses still use fax technology.

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Fortunately, technology has also revolutionized how people send and receive faxes today. With online fax services, you can send and receive faxes through your email address.

In this guide, we will show you how you can send and receive faxes online through your email address. Read on to find which online fax services we recommend for the job.

  1. CocoFax – The ultimate online fax service

According to Google Fax Free, CocoFax is the best online fax service for both businesses and professionals who use fax. Google Fax Free is the most popular blog about online fax.

To learn more about online fax services head to Google Fax Free homepage. CocoFax provides different ways of sending and receiving faxes. You can opt to send and receive faxes on your CocoFax dashboard or email address.

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To make faxing possible, Cocofax gives you a free fax number. A fax number is necessary for sending and receiving faxes. Best of all, you won’t need a telephone line to use CocoFax.

With CocoFax, you can easily use the email to fax number option to send faxes.

Why should you consider CocoFax?

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CocoFax unlike most online fax services delivers unmatched performance. The service comes equipped with multiple features and capabilities. Here are some of them:

  1. Fast and reliable

Sending and receiving faxes on CocoFax is instant. Also, CocoFax includes a notification system that lets you know when you receive a fax and status of sent fax. The notifications make sure you never miss important alerts.

  1. Safe and secure

With CocoFax, you get an online fax service that uses the latest security protocols to protect your faxes. It encrypts all your faxes during transmission.  What’s more, you won’t have to worry about unauthorized individuals accessing your faxes.

CocoFax protects all your faxes with a password on both your CocoFax dashboard and email address. Besides, you get to print your faxes whenever you need them.

  1. Unlimited storage

CocoFax automatically backs up all your faxes on its server. This way, you have a neat way of archiving and accessing your faxes. What’s more, it is easier to find faxes compared to searching printed faxes.

  1. Very versatile

CocoFax besides letting you send and receive faxes via email, it also has addons for Office 365 and Google Docs. Best of all, you can send and receive faxes on any device provided you have access to the internet.

Above all, CocoFax lets you fax from your computer, tablet, or even tablet. You can send and receive faxes in your Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and many more email providers.

How to send & receive faxes via email using CocoFax

The processing of sending receiving faxes via email using CocoFax is straightforward. Here are the simple steps involved:

Step 1: On your computer or smartphones, visit the official CocoFax website to signup for the service. During signup, use the email address you wish to use for faxing. CocoFax will let you choose a custom fax number.

Also, you will get 30 days of free trial.

Step 2: Now, log in to your registered email address to start drafting and sending faxes from your email address. Click the compose or new email button to open a new email window.

Here, you will need to provide the recipient fax number followed by in the ‘To’ field. For example, if your recipient fax number is 12345, then the recipient fax number should be

To add a note at the top of the fax, fill in the ‘Subject’ field of the email. Also, you can add a cover page by adding its contents in the body section of the email. What’s more, you can attach files to your email.

CocoFax lets you attach photos and documents such as .doc, .xls, and pdf.

Step 3: When you are done crafting your fax, hit the Send button. Your email provider will automatically route the email to CocoFax. Here, it is converted into a fax that is instantly transmitted to your recipient.

CocoFax will send a notification indicating the status of your sent fax.

Receiving faxes: CocoFax lets you receive faxes into your email. Once you provide the sender with your fax number, CocoFax will take care of the rest.

CocoFax will automatically translate all incoming faxes into PDF before sending them to your email address. This way, you can easily read or print your fax from your email.


Online fax services make it possible to send and receive faxes via email. Provided you have a reliable online fax service, you can accomplish all your faxing needs from your email address. Try CocoFax, it is a trustworthy service.

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