How to Access Someone’s Cell Phone Secretly

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Some situations demand access to someone’s cell phone secretly. For instance, parents who wish to monitor the whereabouts to their kids and online activities. Also, employers may want to monitor employees secretly.

Access Someone's Cell Phone

To accomplish this, you need a reliable phone surveillance app that can spy discreetly. Thanks to technology, many phone surveillance apps exist that make accessing someone’s phone easy.

Although many apps are available, only a handful can provide reliable service. Read on to find a reputable app that lets you access virtually any aspect of most smartphones.

Neatspy – The go-to phone surveillance app

With Neatspy, you get premium phone surveillance experience. The app can access devices on Android and iOS. To make the experience worthwhile, Neatspy comes with over 30 surveillance features. Visit the Neatspy website for more details.

The app has a million users across the world and a customer approval rating of 96%. As a leading cell phone spy app, Neatspy has gained the attention of media outlets. It has been featured in Forbes and CNET.

Neatspy is a secret mobile spyware that runs in the background to avoid detection. The app allows users to access a mobile phone remotely through a web browser. Also, it disguises its operations on the target mobile phone.

What does Neatspy offer in terms of features?

With over 30 phone surveillance features, Neatspy offers access to many aspects. Here are some of the features you can expect with this app.

#1 – Spy on social media platforms

Neatspy allows you to access social media platforms and read all posts and chats. The app can access WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Snapchat, skype among others. It even has access to text messages and iMessages.

How to Access Someone's Cell Phone Secretly 1

With Neatspy, all the chats and posts are automatically backed up on its server. This allows you to access even deleted chats and posts on these platforms. So, you won’t have to worry about deleted texts, chats, or posts.

#2 – Location tracking

Location tracking is one of the popular features in this app. It allows you to access the real-time location of a mobile phone. Also, it provides location history with details like GPS coordinates and street address.

The feature also includes a geofence feature that sends notifications when the target crosses a set boundary. This Neatspy feature is popular with parents and some employers who want to monitor their employees.

How to Access Someone's Cell Phone Secretly 2

#3 – Keylogger feature

Another remarkable Neatspy feature is the keylogger. It records all the keystrokes made on the target mobile phone. The feature can even capture sensitive details such as usernames and passwords used on the phone.

How to Access Someone's Cell Phone Secretly 3

To make it easy to access the recorded keystrokes, Neatspy groups them by app. This way, you can know which username and password are for which website and so on.

#4 – Call log and contact surveillance

With Neatspy, you can spy on all incoming and outgoing calls. The app lets you access dialed, missed, and received calls. With access to the call log, Neatspy shows you the contacts involved.

How to Access Someone's Cell Phone Secretly 4

Also, it shows call details like duration and the exact time of the call. The app will even show the frequently contacted phone number. Neatspy has access to contacts saved on the target smartphone.

#5 – Email and browser history surveillance

Neatspy can even access browser history and emails on the target mobile phone. The app will give you access to all the searches made on the browser and websites visited.

How to Access Someone's Cell Phone Secretly 5

If the cell phone user has subscribed to a dating website you will know. You will also have access to all incoming and outgoing emails on the target smartphone.

How to access someone’s cell phone secretly using Neatspy

With Neatspy, the process of spying on someone’s phone secretly is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Visit the official Neatspy website to sign up for the service. When signing up, Neatspy will let you choose your login credentials. Also, select a plan you feel suits your cell phone surveillance needs.

How to Access Someone's Cell Phone Secretly 6

Step 2: Now, configure the target cell phone. For an iPhone, no installation is necessary since it can use its Apple ID. Once you have these credentials, provide and hit the Verify button.

If your target is an Android phone, you will need one-time access to the target cell phone to install the app. The app is a mere 2 MB and takes less than 5 minutes to install. After installation it disguises itself.

Step 3: Neatspy will take a few minutes to sync the content on the target cell phone with your dashboard. When it is done, click the Finish button to end the configuration process.

Step 4: Next, log in to your Neatspy dashboard to start spying on your target. Here, Neatspy allows you to access different features on the scroll panel to the left. On your dashboard, Neatspy lets you spy on your target remotely.

How to Access Someone's Cell Phone Secretly 7

What sets Neatspy apart from the rest?

Besides its remarkable features, Neatspy has some amazing phone surveillance capabilities. Here are some of them:

  1. It is 100% undetectable

All the cell phone monitoring features in Neatspy are undetectable. The app uses very little phone resources to avoid interfering with phone performance. For instance, on iOS devices, no installation is necessary to use the app.

Also, on Android devices, it automatically deletes its icon and disguises itself in installed apps. What’s more, Neatspy allows you to uninstall the Android app remotely in just one click.

All these measures make Neatspy impossible to detect.

  1. Safe

With Neatspy, all the data on the target cell phone is left intact. The app doesn’t have access to data in third-party apps which safeguards data privacy. Also, your Neatspy dashboard is password protected.

  1. No rooting or jailbreaking required

To avoid the need to root Android or jailbreak iOS devices, Neatspy uses cutting-edge technology. It is common for cell phone surveillance apps to still require jailbreaking and rooting.

However, Neatspy is among a handful of apps that have achieved this milestone. Besides, the process of rooting or jailbreaking a cell phone leaves it vulnerable and voids its warranty.


The most effective way of accessing someone’s cell phone secretly is through a phone surveillance app. Phone spy apps provide a neat and convenient way of discreetly spying on a phone. Check out Neatspy for reliable service.

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