The New Facebook Chatbots Made For Small Businesses To Scale

Abdurrahman Irfan

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Jessica Pozzi

Although chatbots are almost always regarded in terms of what they offer bigwigs, small businesses can also leverage this innovative tool in improving their services.

Jessica Pozzi

As a small business owner, you most likely already have a strong customer relationship. With chatbots, you can remarkably upscale your business’ customer service, sales and marketing.

Facebook Messenger, Marketplace and some buy-sell groups have already made customers accustomed to making an online purchase via messaging apps and conversations.

Thanks to leading chatbot builders like Zebrabuzz, small business owners can build their own bots in minutes and connect to their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram for free, as well as apps and websites.

How then can chatbots help your small business?

Chatbots Can Find Out What Your Customers Want

As a small business owner, finding out what your customers are interested in is crucial. Although it is tough to tell exactly what makes your customers tick, chatbot analytics can reveal patterns in what users expect from your business.

These analytics can also help you find out where and when most requests, conversations, and orders come from.

With conversational data, you can see the most-used words and phrases over a period of time, making it easier to know better ways of promotion to cater to customers in every nook and cranny or age group, and what to add to the business to make customers happy.

Use Chatbots to Increase Engagement

Not only does the use of Facebook Messenger chatbots help in improving customer service and boosting sales, but it also correlates to increased customer engagement on the platform.

With Zebrabuzz Messenger bots and a handful of others, you can drive new and existing users to your social media accounts to have a conversation with your bot, get their problems solved, and in so doing, also gain useful insights on them.

Offer 24/7 Customer Support

For a small business, working round the clock has always been an unaffordable luxury. Now, it doesn’t have to be.

Chatbots offer your small business the best chance to provide 24/7 customer service and sales support.

Immediately you integrate a chatbot into your social media accounts, website, and app; it never stops working.

Regardless of the time or day, your chatbot will continue having meaningful conversations, answering questions, converting and selling your products.

With chatbots, you do not have to increase employee headcount, which can negatively affect the budget to provide 24/7 services.

Your business will always be available and accessible to existing and potential customers, which can give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

This is perhaps the most popular way of using chatbots in your small business. When building your bot, equip it to be able to answer popular customer questions.

When your chatbot can answer basic questions effectively, it gives you and your live agents more room to deal with the complex ones.

Use Chatbots to Streamline Payments

New and innovative chatbots have features that allow them to streamline online payments.

Your chatbot can connect to the most popular payment gateways and allow customers to pay for their products right there on Messenger or other popular apps without leaving the chat interface.

Bots can also store the payment details of regular customers so that subsequent orders and purchases will only require a few clicks.

With the chatbot industry increasing in popularity and the chance to build yours for free from Zebrabuzz, now is the best time to jump into this moving ship, substantially improve your services, generate more leads, and provide customers with an improved experience.

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