What Are the Stylish and Unusually Baby Boy Names That Start With E?

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Are you preparing yourself to welcome a baby boy to the family? It is undoubtedly an exciting time for any parents-to-be! 

In order to be ready for this tremoring shift, you should prepare and embellish the nursery, pick out a trendy baby shower theme, consolidate your birthing plan, or just work on rigorously getting used to balancing truckloads of your things on your “to do” list at once. 

However, if you have ever considered the most overwhelming and significant tasks on your plate, you will be selecting a baby name! 

15 Cool and nice-sounding Baby names from ‘E’

You should start narrowing down your baby names based on the letters those started with. Are you rummaging for unusual baby boy names that start with E? The list includes Ethan, Emanuel, Ezra, and so on.

CocoFinder is the one-stop-shop destination for premium collections of stylish names that start with E. So, go through the list carefully and pick out one in terms of your choice.

Cool Baby Names Start With E
Cool Baby Names Start With E
  • Elijah

This top-notch baby boy name “Elijah” emerges from the Bible, which means “My God is Yahweh.” Here “Yahweh” refers to a mighty Hebrew God. It is described in the Old Testament that “Elijah” was a superior Hebrew forecaster and fortuneteller. 

  • Edward

You must be wondering about a decent and unusual English name! Therefore, the name “Edward” will be an extraordinary one, and you don’t need to look further. 

Such a cute and unusual baby boy name means “rich guard,” a famous boy’s name in the British aristocratic family. So, it must be one of those unusually baby boy names that start with E; stand out from the crowd!

  • Ethan

Similar to Elijah, “Ethan” is also a top-notch name with powerful Hebrew roots. If you belong to a Hebrew background, you must know the importance of this name. However, this name indicates a “strong” and “firm” baby boy.

  • Evan

This unusual and sturdy baby boy name has an enormously exciting background. It has emerged from the name “Iefan,” a Welsh term of the name “John.” Therefore, if you want your child to be devoted to God, you must name him “Evan,” which also means “the God is gracious.”

  • Emerson

Your little bundle of joy has profound German roots, which means “mighty” and “courageous.” You must have heard that eminent American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson bears this famous namesake. 

  • Elliott

If you are desirous of the name “Elijah,” you may also love its modernized version, which emerged from Hebrew origin. You may also prefer spelling it “Eliot!” 

So, the name also has leading meanings like “bravely and truly,” “with potential and right,” and “the Lord is my God.” However, it also has various offshoots, such as “Elliotte,” “Eliot,” “Elyot,” and “Elliota.”

  • Eric

The name “Eric” is one of the most significant and unusual baby boy names that start with E, which means “eternal ruler.” This stylish and classy name has outshined in popularity over the last few decades. 

So, your baby boy must be the king of your heart, and that’s why picking out this one will be an outstanding choice!

  • Eddie

Does that name “Edward” may sound posh to your ears? Considering a short name like “Eddie” for your baby boy will showcase his down-to-earth trait after growing up. This trendy boy name means something similar to Edward, such as “wealthy guardian” or “rich guard.” So, you might find it a top-notch fit for your baby boy!

  • Ezra

The name “Ezra” will be a perfect moniker for your baby boy as it means “help” or “helper.” If you have powerful Hebrew roots, you must be naming him “Ezra” to show how generous your baby boy would be after growing up! 

It has grown in massive popularity over the last couple of decades and got immense appellation from the parents.

  • Edgar

This outdated name “Edgar” has recently acquired massive appraisal due to its strong Anglo-Saxon roots, which means “fortunate,” “lucky spearman,” and “powerful.” 

Have you ever heard of the English king Edgar and the writer Edgar Allen Poe? Therefore, the name is indeed provocative! 

  • Enrique 

If you have another boy named “Henry,” you must consider naming the younger one as “Enrique.” It originated in Spanish, where it means “governor of the home.” 

So, it would be a popular yet unusual namesake for your younger one who is about to control your household from the comfort of his cradle.

  • Edison

The name “Edison” always reminds us of all time’s famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison. It would be a top-notch pick for your aspiring scientist. However, the name has a strong meaning of “son of Edward.” 

  • Ernest

“Ernest” is a cute and unusual English name, which means “resolute,” or “serious.” If your baby boy becomes a writer after growing up, he will definitely be happy to know the resemblance to his name with famous novelist Ernest Hemingway. 

  • Evans

The stylish and unusual baby name “Evans” means “God is good.” Ironically, the name has also been utilized as a popular surname, which means “son of Evan.” 

If you are blessed with the cutest baby boy, naming him Evans will be a crucial choice, and it also shows how much you love him!


  • Emmanuel

This captivating Hebrew name “Emmanuel” means “God is always with us.” Moreover, it is a top-notch prophesied name of the Messiah in the ancient Testament. 

The name has gradually become popular in the USA, and historically, the significance of this name is found more in Italy and France. 


It is pretty cumbersome to pick a baby boy’s name when there are countless options to choose from! So, from the conventional baby boy names to stylish ideas, there will surely be an “E” name that illuminates a notion for what to name your cute munchkin. 

So, what do you prefer, the baby names with a more unique or traditional approach? You may want to keep it classic or want something that stands out from the crowd! 

These were the top 15 list of stylish and unusual baby boy names, both being added to the list while considering the traditional and contemporary aspects.

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